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the Virtual world

the Science and technics
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the Virtual reality (VR) is a technology which allows to take root into the world simulated by the computer and to co-operate with it.

The Sphere of application of a virtual reality is rather wide - from entertaining dialogue video games to auxiliary tutorials of doctors of surgery or pilots to safe piloting of the air ship. The car is capable to generate "ьшЁ" in size with our Universe or so microscopic, as atom or a molecule.

Occurrence of a virtual reality

The Thought on a virtual reality has arisen still in the thirties when scientists were engaged in working out of the first training apparatus - the flight simulator. The idea consisted in making at the pilot impression as if it operates the present plane. For even bolshego illusion strengthenings on the simulator screen were reproduced shots of runways.

Occurrence of a virtual reality In 1965 to American Ajvenu Sutherland was casually come to mind by one idea which it has published in article under the name "РютхЁ°хээ№щ фшёяыхщ". It was reduced creating, using two tiny TVs - on one for each eye - portable, or the personal virtual world. In a life he also has developed the display strengthened on a head for its embodiment. Though its invention worked, and he has created some kind of the virtual world, images have appeared are too rough and unartful. Other complexity has been connected with a helmet. It was so is heavy and gromozdok that it was necessary to suspend it to a ceiling. And it cost very expensively. The scientists who have undertaken the next years to finish initial idea of Sutherland, it is a lot of in it have succeeded. Later, in 1985, Michael Makgrivi from NASA has developed much cheaper and easy variant of a helmet, taking usual motorcycle and having adapted for it tiny screens of the display, and also special gauges which reacted to movements of a head and have been connected with computers of the big capacity and sensitivity.

In the same 1985 Majron Krejger has opened in the Museum of natural sciences of the State of Connecticut so-called "-шфхюяыхщё". In general, "-шфхюяыхщё" was anything other as a number of premises, being in which, and even in different, visitors could plunge by means of interactive graphic system into the same virtual space, juggle in it with various objects, together dance and draw.

The glove became Last hardware component for the complete set of a virtual reality. Have developed its prototype in the early eighties, but in a modern kind the virtual reality was born in 1986 after programmer Dzharon Lenier has thought up a new variant of a glove. So for the first time there was the uniform complete set consisting of the Vr-helmet and gloves. Lenier has entitled new technology "тшЁ=ѕрыіэр  Ёхрыіэюё=і".

Three types of a virtual reality

Distinguish three basic forms of a virtual reality. The first of them, possibly, is most known. The complete set for it consists of a helmet supplied with small TV-screens and ear-phones, and a glove (in some systems instead of it use dzhojstik, or "тюы°хсэѕ¦ ярыюёъѕ"). The helmet and a glove are connected with the computers programmed by special sounds and a drawing which vary depending on mission of system: if it is used by designers or architects it will be, possibly, structures or panoramas. The necessary images, what for are reproduced on telescreens in a helmet.

For creation of three-dimensional effect each telescreen is located under slightly excellent corner. When you put on a helmet of a virtual reality, images on telescreens entirely will fill your field of vision, and you plunge into the virtual world. And through ear-phones you will hear all those sounds which correspond to visible images. Both the helmet, and a glove (or dzhojstik) are equipped by special gauges which allow the computer to catch all movements of a head and hands. When you turn a head to look round on the parties, the computer changes your point of the review - as though you actually are in the image. All occurs in real time (with the same speed and during the same moment as though occurred in the real world). The glove allows you "=Ёюур=і" virtual objects and "сЁр=і" them in hands. With its help you can even change an arrangement of virtual objects.

Chambers and screens

Chambers and screens In the second version VR for tracking the image of the user in the virtual world in which also it is possible to select or move objects, are used videocameras. Both systems VR allow to take part in actions at once to several people. In a basis of last kind VR reproduction of three-dimensional images on the big bent screen lies. Such form helps to strengthen at you sensation of that you are in the virtual world. The additional effect of presence is created by special three-dimensional points.

Possibly, more all is familiar to you VR. Applied in video games in slot machine arcades ("рЁърфр§") and thematic parks of Europe, the USA and Japan. Now there are many Vr-games in which some persons can participate simultaneously.


you Know?

  • When the complete set of a virtual reality becomes compact enough and cheap to have its houses, you can, without going out of doors, to go behind purchases to a virtual supermarket, to resemble there-here on sections, filling a basket or the cart with the goods as in the present shop, and for their payment simply to inform requisites of the credit card - bought will get directly to you home.

  • Scientists have taken advantage of the electronic signals sent to the Earth by a spaceship "-шъшэу" to generate the accurate three-dimensional image of Mars. VR will allow astronauts, without leaving the Earth, "юсёыхфютр=і" a surface of Mars.

  • One scientist in the USA continues to work over creation "тшЁ=ѕ¶юэр" (a videotelephone with effect of a virtual reality) on which you can communicate to the friends, being together with them in the same "яюё=ш эрё=ю Ёхь" space.