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the Science and technics
the Science and technics
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Modern development of mankind cannot be thought out of categories of a science and technics. Throughout a world history craft, and then and technics were thought as mediating link in a chain between a human plan and its realisation. Certainly, the science and technics urged to provide and satisfy infinite requirements of mankind.

Scientific and technical achievements make an element of an occupation layer of a society, being the indicator of its development.

A technics Basic purpose - simplification and increase of efficiency of work of the person, expansion of its possibilities, clearing (partial or full) the person from work in the conditions which are hazardous to health.

Not a secret that one of the main economic indicators of the developed country are expenses of the budget in a scientific and technological revolution (scientific and technical revolution) and on research and development (research workings out). NTP (scientific and technical progress) since 70th years of the last century makes potential of the strong state.

The Person from an antiquity tried to subdue and subordinate to itself the nature, thinking out and inventing various technical adaptations. Since 15 centuries, he has realised that it is possible to place the nature of itself in the service and to receive from it benefit.

Having arisen in the ancient world in connection with requirements of public practice, the science has started to develop about 16-17 centuries and during historical development has turned to the major social institute, making considerable impact on all spheres of a society and culture as a whole. So a science and technics left on a new level of development.

Presently technical innovations became a life integral part. Progress level can be measured quite adequately by quantity and quality gadzhetov (household devices in an everyday life, for example, mobile phones), devices (special purpose devices, for example, videocameras) and them invajronmenta (the environments, surrounding them and which they form).

The Mankind last two-three decades has entered during a postindustrial era in which a science and technics receive new semantic loading and aspects of their communication with daily ability to live of the person become indissoluble.

The Technological determinism (predefiniteness of development of a society a science and technics) during present time gets new sounding, free from ideological stamps of the past ("§юыюфэющ тющэ№" for example) also forms a new reality, making out space and time.

The Modern technics is characterised by high rates of its modernisation and automation, unification, standardization, intensive development of power, radio electronics, chemical technology, wide use of automatics and the COMPUTER.

Achievements of modern technics are based on fundamental discoveries and researches.

The Offered site narrates about the multidimensional and various world of the person connected with its abilities to activity and creativity.

On it the review of the basic achievements of mankind for its history of development is presented: opening in area of physics, chemistry, aircraft engineering, a road economy, communications and a city infrastructure.

The special place Is given the new technologies connected with use of the COMPUTER, automation and cybernetics systems.

The Complex and system approach spent in gathering and preparation of an information material, allows to capture at once a big field of knowledge and to build adequate structure of understanding of a science and technics.